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"... re-assurance and confidence that comes from having a community of people who understand the nuances and issues that face my business every day and are not only willing to support me in these challenges but are excited about them as well. This is particularly beneficial as a regional exhibitor where my nearest colleagues are hours away. ICAA gives me access to a network of experienced people with relevant knowledge that I would struggle to establish on my own." Shane Fulwood, Oatmill Cinema Complex.


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There are exciting developments at Independent Cinemas Australia and we invite you to consider the benefits. Our My Cinema marketing promotions, buying group offers, members guides and HR help desk are making a real difference at a time when online disruption and increasing fragmentation of leisure options, make it even more important that independent businesses keep pace.


We invite you to join indie cinemas across Australia working together to meet these challenges. 


Take full advantage of an industry association that is delivering practical, cost effective benefits to independent cinemas owners and suppliers.




Industry Representation and Advice

Industrial Relations and Legal Help Desk

My Cinema Marketing Promotions and Special Events


Cinema Equipment and Services Partners including:


•      Christie supporting the ICAA Network Operations Centre

•      Superpop for cinema supplies including My Cinema branded drink cups and popcorn boxes

•      LTI Xenon Lamps (formerly Philips)

•      Vista and Veezi by Vista - IT solutions for your cinema ticket and concession sales

•      Hoyts CTG for equipment installation, servicing and cinema safety systems

•      MPDAA Weekly Box Office and Competitive Release Schedule

•      Numero and comScore – for detailed box office information and reports


ICAA Services Network Operations Centre (ICAA NOC) – for technical and IT support, software upgrades and data connection – special members rates


Business Development Opportunities including:

•    Industry Events

•    ICA Conference Special Rates

•    ICA Newsletter and ICA Members Only Website Access for Services and Guides.





ICA has two (2) membership and four (4) associate membership categories.

To qualify for full membership the applicant must own or operate cinemas in Australia.

FULL MEMBERSHIP – with full access to members services, benefits, conference discounts and voting rights:

1.General Membership – member must own or operate cinemas in Australia

2.Community/Not For Profit Membership - member must own or operate cinemas in Australia on a not for profit basis and/or be an organisation offering screenings of films on a not-for-profit basis

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – benefits individuals and organisations wishing to show support for ICA and create an association with ICA and its members. Associate members have access to ICA newsletters and certain benefits including conference discounts outlined on the application form, available to download above.

NB: Associate membership does not allow voting rights or attendance at ICA AGM’s or EGM’s or meetings designated as being for Full Members only.

  1. Non Commercial Associate Member
  2. Commercial Associate Member
  3. ICA Partner Associate Member
  4. ICA Preferred Supplier Associate Member

ICA Preferred Suppliers

ICA Partners

ICA Associate Members



For Membership inquiries please contact:
Pauline Negline
Admin Assistant
Independent Cinemas Australia (ICA)
PH:  02 9858 1179 
FAX: 02 8569 0119
E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.