A Message from ICA Partner Cinema Advertising Australia Print


I started in the Australian Movie Industry in 1986 in the advertising department of Roadshow in Brisbane. I then went onto Roadshow Melbourne where I worked as an in house TV Producer cutting trailers and TV spots for many film releases with Alan Finney, the late Gary Newman and a wonderful team of people. After that I spent a year with Media Entertainment Group before starting my own production company in 1998 called Creswick Creative which still operates today servicing such clients as Disney and Reading Entertainment.


In 2013 I was tipped into a possible opening in the market to provide cinemas with local advertising as Val Morgan had largely abandoned that space at the time. A friend of mine and long time industry stalwart Keith Stevens took me in and introduced me to Wayne Smith at Reading Entertainment who was kind enough to give me an opportunity to provide local screen advertising at one of the Reading cinemas, Reading Melton. Wayne gave us one cinema to begin with to see if we could make it work. It took me 6 months to sell one ad at Reading Melton and to be honest I didn’t think I was going to succeed and CAA would end before it even started. But then I sold the first one, then another and it just took off! We now have 43 businesses waiting to get on screen at Reading Melton and it’s about a four year wait at present.


After we proved what we could do with Melton, Wayne and the Reading team began to hand us more cinemas. We now look after all Reading Cinemas in Australia except Western Australia and Townsville as well as two in New Zealand. Many of the locations have full allocations of local ads and waiting lists in place so it’s been a really rewarding 5 years thanks to Wayne Smith and the Reading team. We also work with three independent cinemas in Melbourne, Metro Cinema Boronia with Tom Schouten, Croydon Cinemas and Lunar Drive In with David and Matt Kilderry.


Our philosophy is quite simple, we sell the advertising at a rate we believe is affordable for businesses in each area where the cinemas are located. This formula has proven to be a winning one as many of the businesses who advertise with us simply don’t come off screen. Our philosophy means the business gets a return on their advertising investment, the cinema gets a steady recurring income and CAA does too, so everybody wins.


We also write and produce all the cinema ads at our own production facilities in South Melbourne, these include full motion filmed ads and stills and graphics based cinema ads. Once the ads are produced the clients get to keep and use them however they wish in addition to cinema, which may be social media, websites and TV.


We are very keen to partner with more cinemas right now and can service anywhere in Australia. So if you are an independent cinema who may want to partner with us for your local screen advertising we’d love to talk to you! I’m sure Tom Schouten from Metro, David Kilderry from Lunar, Gavin from Croydon Cinemas and Ben Deighton from Reading Entertainment would be more than happy to give you some feedback on us and how they’ve found working with us.


I’m very excited to be an ICA Partner and am looking forward to meeting the great network of ICA members.



Scott Creswick