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Board Nominations Received For ICA AGM 2018
  • Scott Seddon
  • Kieren Dell
  • Katrine Elliott
  • Peter Sourris
  • Nick Hayes
  • Denis Parkes
Scott Seddon
Scotty's Cinemas

E: president at independentcinemas.com.au

Chief Executive Officer
Adrianne Pecotic

E: ceo at independentcinemas.com.au


Marketing and Communications Manager

Lucy Robson
P: 0419 290 666
E: marketing at independentcinemas.com.au


Admin Services

Pauline Negline
P: 02 9858 1179
F: 02 8569 0119
E: admin at independentcinemas.com.au

PO Box 20


The ICA Board 2017-18

Scott Seddon -  President
Scotty's Cinemas
E: president at independentcinemas.com.au 

Kieren Dell - Vice President
Majestic Cinemas
E: kd at majesticcinemas.com.au


Sasha Close - Treasurer
Wallis Cinemas
E: SClose at wallis.com.au

Katrine Elliott
CMax Devonport
E: katrine at cmax.net.au

Nick Hayes
Dendy Cinemas
E: nickh at dendy.com.au


David Kilderry
Lunar Drive In
E: lunar at bigpond.net.au

Denis Parkes
The Picture Show Man Theatre
E: denis at pictureshowman.com.au


Peter Sourris
New Farm Cinemas
E: psourris at optusnet.com.au


Todd Stiles
Grand Cinemas
E: ToddStiles at grandcinemas.com.au


Mark Christensen
State Cinema NZ 
E: mark at cinequip.co.nz



Regional Representatives 

Sasha Close – Regional Representative for SA/TAS/NT

Todd Stiles – Regional Representative for WA

David Kilderry – Regional Representative for VIC/ACT

Peter Sourris – Regional Representative for QLD

Denis Parkes – Regional Representative for NSW