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The Mark Sarfaty Cinema and Performing Arts Benevolent Fund

Mark Sarfaty ICAA CEO

Mark Sarfaty
ICA's Inagural CEO


The Mark Sarfaty Cinema and Performing Arts Benevolent Fund, in memory of our friend and former ICA CEO - Mark Sarfaty – was initiated by Mark’s industry colleagues following his death in late 2011 and formally established as a charitable trust with Deductible Gift Recipient Status in April 2014.


The principal object of the Benevolent Fund is to raise money to support members of the Australian cinema and performing arts community through education and research bursaries and special needs grants.


We look forward to working with ICA members over the coming years on fundraising activities to support Mark's daughter, Matilda, and more broadly, to provide direct financial assistance to disadvantaged persons and their families within the Australian cinema and performing arts community. We also welcome fundraising ideas from our members and partners!


Inaugural Fundraising Partner and Event


Our good friends at Transmission Films have come on board as our inaugural fundraising partner and supporter. The first charitable screening for the Fund will be a preview of the Transmission film BROOKLYN in February 2016. All members will be supplied with details in plenty of time for them to participate in the screening. We are very grateful to Transmission Films for their enthusiastic and generous support for the Fund and the Australian cinema and performing arts community


Our Fundraising Program


ICA and the Trustees of the Benevolent Fund have come together to develop a national program to support the promotion of Australian and independent films to Australian independent exhibitors and their audiences. ICA will be inviting its member cinemas to participate in fund raising activities, in partnership with distributors.


The program comprises selection of a title for preview word of mouth screenings at ICA member cinemas to support the charitable objectives of the Fund.


The exhibitor would charge for entry to the screenings and both the distributor and the exhibitor would donate 100% of the box office as a tax deductible donation to the Mark Sarfaty Cinema and Performing Arts Benevolent Fund.


Join Us!


ICA is delighted to offer distributors the opportunity to enhance their partnership with independent exhibitors, increase the profile of selected films to independent cinema audiences and to support the Mark Sarfaty Cinema and Performing Arts Benevolent Fund.


The Fund anticipates hosting two or three fund raising screenings with distribution partners for Australian and independent films each year.


Members and other interested persons will be kept informed via this website.


Thank you for your support.


For any queries please contact Pauline at:
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P: 02 9858 1179
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